10/13/19 Things to remember When Trouble Comes: Erik Brandt. John 16:1-4

10/6/19 Rooted In Him: Erik Brandt

9/22/19 Why Do We Need The Armor of God: Frank Clark

2/24/19 Living Sacrifices: Dr. James Nored

2/17/2019 Excellent and Profitable

2/10/2019 Hope in God: Erik Brandt

2/3/2019 Eager to Do Good: Erik Brandt

1/27/2019 Taking Jesus at His Word: Erik Brandt

1/20/2019 The Savior of the World: Erik Brandt

1/6/2019 Conformed to the Image of Christ: Bro. Gerald Andre

12/23/2018 Past/Future: Tim Junkins

12/17/2018 The Woman at the Well: Erik Brandt

12/9/2018 The Joy of the Lord: Erik Brandt

11/25/2018 Born Again: Erik Brandt

11/18/2018 Miracle and Authority: Tim Junkins

11/11/2018 Come and See: Erik Brandt

11/4/2018 Behold the Lamb of God: Erik Brandt

10/28/2018 Prelude to John: Erik Brandt

10/21/2018 Restoration Through Reconciliation: Tim Junkins

10/14/2018 Next Generation for Christ: James Nored

10/7/2018 Restoration Through Grief and Loss: Erik Brandt

10/1/2018 The Unfinished Restoration: Mike Anglin

9/16/2018 Restoration through Fellowship: Tim Junkins

9/9/2018 Restoration through Scriptures: Erik Brandt

9/2/2018 Restoration through The Holy Spirit: Erik Brandt

8/26/2018 Restoration through His Spirit: Erik Brandt

8/19/2018 Restoration Through Trials: Tim Junkins

8/12/2018 He Restores my Soul to do Good: Erik Brandt

8/5/2018 I will Change your Name: Erik Brandt

7/29/2018 I Thank God: Mike Anglin

7/15/2018 Zealous: Tim Junkins

7/8/2018 Sermon: Erik Brandt

7/1/2018 Sermon: Erik Brandt

6/24/2018 Sermon: Erik Brandt

6/17/2018 Father's Day: Tim Junkins

6/10/2018 Trouble: Erik Brandt

6/3/2018 Standing on the Promises: Erik Brandt

5/27/2018 The Path we Take: Tim Junkins

5/20/2018 He Restores my Soul: Erik Brandt

5/13/2018 Honor Your Mother: Erik Brandt

5/6/2016 Sermon: Erik Brandt

4/29/2018 Sermon: Mike Anglin

4/22/2018 Sermon: Erik Brandt

4/15/2018 Sync with God: Tim Junkins

4/8/2018 Celebration and Fear: Erik Brandt

4/1/2018 Easter Sermon: Erik Brandt

3/18/2018 From Adversity to Triumph: Tim Junkins

3/11/2018 Facing your Giant: Erik Brandt

3/4/2018 Chosen to Lead: Erik Brandt

2/25/2018 When Leaders go Bad: Erik Brandt

2/18/2018 Demands for a Leader: Tim Junkins

2/11/018 When a Leader Prays: Erik Brandt

2/4/2018 Called by God: Erik Brandt

1/28/2017 Romans Conclusion: Erik Brandt

1/22/2018 Unity: Tim Junkins

1/14/2018 Christian Love: Erik Brandt

1/7/2018 Hardship and Sorrow: Erik Brandt

12/31/2017 Are you Salty Enough?: Mike Anglin

12/24/2017: Tell Me the Story: Erik Brandt

12/17/2017 The Realm of the Spirit: Tim Junkins

12/10/2017 The Romans Issue: Erik Brandt

12/3/2017 By No Means: Erik Brandt

11/26/2017 Resilient Faith: Erik Brandt

11/19/2017 By His Power: Tim Junkins

11/12/2017 Diagnosis: Erik Brandt

10/29/2017 Spiritual Hunger: Mike Anglin

10/22/2017 Jeremiah Conclusion: Erik Brandt

10/15/2017 Know to Go: Tim Junkins

10/8/17 Trust and Obey: Erik Brandt

10/1/17 The New Covenant: Erik Brandt

9/24/2017 Conflict: Tim Junkins

9/17/2017 Warnings: Erik Brandt

9/10/2017 Sin Sick: Erik Brandt

9/3/2017 Judgement: Erik Brandt

8/27/2017 Jeremiah Intro: Erik Brandt

8/20/2017 Investment: Tim Junkins

7/30/2017 Jesus is our Friend: Mike Anglin

7/23/2017 Joseph's Journey: Erik Brandt

7/16/2017 Struggling with God: Tim Junkins

7/2/201 Beyond Abraham: Erik Brandt

6/25/2017 God's Great Love: Erik Brandt

6/18/2017 Father Abraham: Tim Junkins

6/11/2017 Sodom and Gomorrah: Erik Brandt

6/4/2017 Promises: Erik Brandt

5/28/2017 True Leaders: Erik Brandt

5/21/2017 Cobra Effect: Tim Junkins

5/14/2017 The Fall of Man: Erik Brandt

5/7/14: Intro to Genesis: Erik Brandt

4/30/2017 God's Dynamtie: Mike Anglin

4/23/2017 What is Yout Story?: Erik Brandt

4/16/2017 How big is Forgiveness?: Tim Junkins

4/9/2017 What has God Gifted You?: Erik Brandt

4/2/2017 What is God Like?: Erik Brandt

3/26/2-17 Sermon: Erik Brandt

3/19/2017 Get Back Up: Tim Junkins

3/12/2017 It Starts With Hello: Erik Brandt

3/5/2017 The Prayer of Stephen: Erik Brandt

2/26/2017 Spiritual Gifts: Erik Brandt

2/5/2017 The Early Church: Erik Brandt

1/29/2017 Grace: Mike Anglin

1/22/2017 The Writings of Luke: Erik Brandt

1/15/2017 The Axe: Tim Junkins

1/8/2017 You Never Know: Erik Brandt

1/1/2017 Trust God: Erik Brandt

12/25/2016 Christmas Sermon: Erik Brandt

12/18/2016 Barrier: Tim Junkins

12/11/2016 A Time for Everything: Erik Brandt

12/4/2016 Finding Meaning: Erik Brandt

11/27/2016 Job Part 6: Erik Brandt

11/20/2016 Thanks For the Memories: Tim Junkins

11/13/2016 Job part 5: Erik Brandt

11/6/2016 Job part 4: Erik Brandt

10/30/2016 Jogging and Christianity: Mike Anglin

10/23/2016 Job part 3: Erik Brandt

10/16/2016 H.O.W.: Tim Junkins

10/9/2016 Job part 2: Erik Brandt

10/2/2016 Intro to Job: Erik Brandt

9/25/2016 Armor of God: Erik Brandt

9/18/2016 Samaritan: Tim Junkins

9/11/2016 Spiritually Fit: Erik Brandt

9/4/2016 Now What?: Erik Brandt

8/28/2016 Weeds and Wheat: Erik Brandt

8/21/2016 Universal Laws: Tim Junkins

8/14/2016 Automotive Faith: Erik Brandt

8/7/2016 A New Creation: Erik Brandt

7/31/2016 Peter's ups and downs: Mike Anglin

7/24/2016 All that Matters: Erik Brandt

7/17/2016 Path of Evangelism: Tim Junkins

7/10/2016 Sermon: Erik Brandt

7/3/2016 Sermon: Erik Brandt

6/26/2016 Changed by Faith: Erik Brandt

6/19/2016 A Father's Love: Tim Junkins

6/12/2016 This is my Story: Erik Brandt

6/5/2016 Grace Given: Erik Brandt

5/29/2016 Know the Shepard: Mike Anglin

5/22/2016 Flourishing Faith: Erik Brandt

5/15/2016 Perspective: Tim Junkins

5/8/2016 Mother's Day: Erik Brandt

5/1/2016 Satisfaction: Erik Brandt

4/24/2016 Live in Harmony: Erik Brandt

4/17/2016 Unity in Christ: Tim Junkins

4/10/2016 Kindness to the Poor: Erik Brandt

4/3/2016 Study of Psalms: Erik Brandt

3/27/2016 What the Resurrection Means: Erik Brandt

3/20/2016 Adaptable: Tim Junkins

3/13/2016 Imagine: Erik Brandt

3/6/2016 Surly not I: Erik Brandt

12/28/2015 Watch!: Erik Brandt

2/21/2015 Kindness: Tim Junkins

2/14/2016 Compliments and Truth: Erik Brandt

2/7/2015 Unexpected Results: Erik Brandt

1/31/2016 Merciful: Mike Anglin

1/17/2016 Chasing Fame: Tim Junkins

1/10/2016 Continuing Mark: Erik Brandt

1/3/2016 Start with Jesus: Erik Brandt


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